Columbus Community

Downtown Columbus

This area is more commonly associated with 3 Historic Districts. The Liberty Heritage Historic District, The Downtown Historic District, and The High Uptown Historic District. Each District includes a blend of commercial and residential real estate. This area stretches East and West from the river to 9th Avenue and North and South between HWY 280 and Railroad Street.

North Columbus

North Columbus encompasses many subdivisions in the northern corridor of Muscogee County.

Green Island

Green Island is the home for most of Columbus’ influential and prominent business and community leaders. The boundaries are River Road and the Chattahoochee River. Lakefront and golf course homes are usually available.

Hidden Lakes

This is a well established townhouse and condominium development, located off exit #6 of HWY 185.

Harris County

Home to Callaway Gardens, Harris County includes several localities: Fortson, Cataula, Ellerslie, Pine Mountain, and parts of Midland.

Hilton Hights/ Averett Woods

This area includes properties located on and around Hilton Avenue & Averett Drive.

Lake Bottom

Lake Bottom commonly combines several districts under its one name. In this area starting in the Eastern Section, we have the Wildwood Circle Historic District, which is East of Wildwood Avenue. Next, is Wynnton Village Historic District, which spans from Wildwood Avenue up along sections of Wynnton Road. Peacock Woods/Diamond Circle District is wedged between Cherokee Avenue and Wynnton Village. Last but not least is the Weracoba St. Elmo District, which covers most areas between Cherokee Avenue and 16th Avenue with some sections extending further.

Fun Fact: Lakebottom Park began around 1888. Originally known as Wildwood Park and later named Weracoba Park. It got its name from the man-made Weracoba Creek which feeds the park. Once there was a lake with islands and arched bridges connecting them. Boating was a popular pasttime at the park. In 1925 the lake was drained and Columbus High was built near the site of the ball fields.

Mohina Woods

Mohina Woods is a family oriented subdivision in the Midtown area of Columbus, GA.





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