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Can I start a Bee Hive in Columbus, GA?

I love local Honey in my green tea, on my toast, and on my Saturday morning pancakes. None of my neighbors are beekeepers or apiarist, so I purchase my honey from different vendors at Market Days in Downtown Columbus, GA.

As backyard farms and urban gardens have taken root in neighborhoods, so have bee hives. I just read a great article from Urban Farm Online.

Step 1: research local beekeeping regulations and ordinances

Clients ask us about “current & future” property use every month and often times our zoning ordinance requires a variance request. As long as the request is reasonable and adjacent property owners agree to the proposed or existing use, then a variance will be accepted by the county.

The following zoning in Muscogee County, GA currently permits apiculture:

What is my property currently zoned? Click here to view Muscogee County, GA tax parcel map.

Remember, ordinances are expected to be amended from time to time as residential and commercial growth patterns fluctuate. Remember, “Fences make good neighbors.” But beekeepers give their neighbors free honey.

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