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What To Do About Your 2017 Property Tax Valuation

Muscogee County updated their real property valuation software in 2017. The new system reassessed all property parcels and has generated new Fair Market Values for thousands of properties on June 30th 2017. Our office has been notified of several cases, in which the values have been grossly undervalued or overvalued.

If an owner of Residential Property filed for Homestead Exemption, the assessed value (equals 40% of fair market value) is frozen. The tax payment will not increase if the Fair Market Value increases and the payment will not decrease if the Fair Market Value decreases. This is why our tax system is commonly referred to as The Freeze. The Fair Market Value of a property may change over time, but if you have a Homestead Exemption, the Assessed Value (the amount used to calculate your tax payment) will not change.

For Residential Properties with Homestead Exemption:

When will my property tax payment increase?

  1. When the Millage Rate is increased
  2. Improvements to the property are recorded. (square footage is added to the property or exterior improvements are added which increase the FMV)

When will my property tax payment decrease?

  1. When the Millage Rated is decreased?
  2. When a homeowner removes the Homestead Exemption and the FMV of the property is reassessed at a lessor amount.


To view the presentation during City Council Meeting click the link below.

What should you do? If you disagree with the Current Fair Market Value for any of your properties……file an appeal.  View Appeal Forms Here.

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