Freeze Facts

Why should Muscogee County, GA residents vote YES to Thaw the Freeze? Let’s look at some Freeze Facts:

  • Every homeowner who benefits from the Freeze is allowed to keep it.
  • The Freeze is unfair and promotes inequality.
  • The Freeze limits options for seniors on fixed incomes.
  • Retiring the Freeze will create jobs in Columbus.

After nearly 35 years of negative effects it’s clear that our property tax valuation Freeze:

  • Stagnates job growth
  • Discourages families from living inside our county line
  • Strangles our opportunities and success

We can do better! Let’s grow Columbus, GA with a fair tax system that works for us. For more information and facts please visit:

9 Comments on “Freeze Facts”

  1. Reynolds.. I’m still waiting for you to “get back with me” about those 29,000 homes that pay less than $100.00 in taxes.

  2. Still waitin.. since last October.. for the breakdown of the 29,000 homesteads you claim are paying $100.00 or less.. quadrants will do.


    • Since last year the Tax Assessor’s office has been converting to a new software in preparation for 1/1/2017 conversion. In the meantime, you can go down there and speak with an assessor to have your questions answered.

  3. Chester Randolp – .. I’ve known you for a long time, but I’m calling you out on your “suggestion” that $1,000,000.00 homes pay the same taxes as $100,000.00 ones..Point them out.. not just “suggest” them. Now if you want to talk about the taxes on the Eagle and Phenix Condos, you have my support,, there are many multi-100s of 1000 dollar units paying less than $100.00 in taxes.. and some own them and another home in Columbus that has a homestead exemption as well. This is wrong!

    • Now you talking Hal the E & P Mill taxes needs to be corrected I have not been able to find out how that got put in place in the first place. But I know if I purchased one and put it in my name it was change the tax structure so does anyone want to support me on that??

    • Hal, Eagle and Phenix Mill Lofts applied for a Property Tax Credit before construction began. I believe in 2017 the taxes for each unit will adjust to 100% of FMV. The developers of The Flowers Building used this redevelopment tool also. FYI this is a blog, not FaceBook. If you want to reach Chester, this is not the best avenue. As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments.

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