About Reynolds Bickerstaff


From the time he was quite young, Reynolds was raised to believe that a person’s character is always best measured through the values and ethics he or she upholds. The lesson didn’t come only from home and school. Between the ages of six and 17, Reynolds spent a month each summer at a camp that reinforced this philosophy by rewarding responsible and ethical behavior as much as teamwork and camping skills. “You had to complete a number of steps,” he remembers. “Every year I looked forward to the next one. To finish them all was a great honor and a tremendous accomplishment, and the lessons I learned in the process are still a part of my life today.”


Reynolds is a native on Columbus with deep roots in the area. His strong connection to the community is what drives him in his career as a real estate professional. In 2004 Reynolds joined Waddell Realty as salesperson. With a unique specialization in the older home market, Reynolds formed “Team Bickerstaff” in 2009.


In January 2011, Reynolds became a partner with Waddell Realty. Team Bickerstaff was absorbed into the company as he moved into several roles as a manager/owner. Currently Reynolds is the (CEO) Chief Experience Officer and is responsible for managing the portfolio of experiences for Waddell Realty and it’s affiliates.

 “Character is important in any profession, but its especially crucial in real estate, which involves one of life’s biggest investments.

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