Help, My Community is Frozen in 1982

Thursday night I traveled back in time and spent three hours 1982. No, I wasn’t in the DeLorean with Michael J. Fox, I was at Mathews Elementary attending the Tax Freeze Forum Debate. The majority of the audience appeared to be over 50 and does not support the last item on the November Ballot, that will allow Muscogee County to retire our current tax system and “Thaw The Freeze.” This was apparent when no one applauded after the Mayor, Brian Anderson, Cedric Hill, and I were introduced. 

Some citizens feel the “Freeze” protects residents who are in it and all newcomers from the government. What seemed like a good decision to protect citizens back in 1982, when Interest Rates were 21%, has now created a welcome stranger tax for all new residents. Ask anyone who has purchased a primary residence in the last 10 years in Muscogee County if they believe the Freeze is Fair. Does the Freeze really protect us? Yes, the Freeze has been slowly building a wall around Muscogee County with “Don’t Move Here” signs posted every 100 ft. It’s protecting us from new businesses, new residents, and new opportunities.

Who would move to a community that is building a wall around itself? Only people who have no other choice. And when they do have another choice, they leave our community. This wall needs to come down. Not all at once, but over the next 7-10 years, one brick at a time. A YES Vote for the last item on the November Ballot will remove the first brick. 

The 1980’s gave us:

  • Glamour Shots
  • Waterbeds
  • Video Rental Stores
  • Big Hair & Shoulder Pads

What seemed like good ideas at the time, were soon dismissed with reason and logic. If something has been wrong for 30 years, I suggest that is long enough. Please wake up Columbus! Vote YES and Thaw The Freeze. 

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  1. Reynolds – the tax freeze allowed your parents to afford you the opportunities you have today. The tax freeze will allow you to provide such to their grandchildren

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