100 Years of Real Estate with 5 Generations

There have been 3 milestones of American Civilization: Getting Married Owning a home Starting a family For decades this was a predictable process, because it always followed this order. When the 21st Century arrived these milestones changed. Now American Civilization considers: Getting an iPhone – I’ve owned every version 1st Coffee at Starbucks – mine […]

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Generational Marketing “How to Catch the Boomerang Generation”

To understand diversity, let’s review some interesting facts about the 5 generations of Real Estate. The Greatest Generation (born before 1924) has seen 17-18 U.S. Presidents, 10+ Wars/Conflicts, The Great Depression, Multiple Recessions, and haven’t moved in 50 years. The Silent Generation (born between 1925-1945), known as the artistic/adaptive generation, born during crisis, leaders of […]

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