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On my return flight to Atlanta, from Bozeman, I watched “Money Ball”, starring Brad Pitt. It’s based on a true story, and challenged Baseball to understand the difference between Process vs. Results. Before you can create great results, you must first believe in the Process. A few weeks after viewing this movie, I conducted a sales meeting at our Real Estate Office.

Three important questions to answer when building a company or starting a new project:
Where’s The Revenue
What Are You Building
Is Chaos Acceptable

Where’s The Revenue?
How much money does a baseball team generate during spring training? While creating a system for selecting the “best valued” players create any revenue? The truth is No. None of these activities generated any revenue and in fact, actually cost the team owners Millions of Dollars.

What Are You Building?
Start thinking about your business like the Oakland A’s in Money Ball. Building a successful business requires training, planning, and systematization before you can turn a profit. Fortunately, real estate agents can earn a commission while they are building a business. Your commissions are funds that allow you to keep building.

Chaos is Acceptable When Building
While you are building a business, your project will look and feel like a construction site. Don’t be distracted by a quick commission when building, your project might get derailed. If others don’t understand or share your vision, they will call you a fool and cause you to question your own process. You’ve got to stay focused and keep building!

Building something special with your real estate career, and change they way the game is played. Don’t waste your talent playing in the minors!

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