YouTube in Today’s Real Estate Market

The less time you spend showing properties, the more time you will have to write contracts. What does every agent want? More time to write contracts.

The problem is this:
We spend most of our time encouraging clients to go view properties and then we spend the rest of our time physically showing them properties. How much time does that leave us for writing contracts? NOT MUCH!

With YouTube you can show your properties to multiple buyers and spend more time writing contracts. 


  • Allows buyers to tour your listings to their convenience not your inconvenience. Saving both you time. 
  • Allows buyers to bring Mom/Dad, best friends, co-workers, and anyone else with an internet connection, all at the same time. 
  • Helps buyers only physically view homes they will love living in. YouTube will help you and your clients winnow your list to a manageable number of properties.

Here are three examples of agents using videos on YouTube to show property.

Kim Mixon 454 Teal Drive, Phenix City, AL
The Boutique Real Estate Group 120 Skyline Dr, La Habra Heights, CA
Christophe Choo Most Expensive Homes Los Angeles-Beverly Hills

If you start using video to market and show your properties, you can confidently say to your clients, I’m going to spend less time showing your home and more time selling it.


Now go get on YouTube and start uploading videos. 

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