7 INSIDER SECRETS On Showcasing Your Home For a Successful Sale

TIP 1: Curb Appeal

While you can’t change your location, you can change how your home shines in that location. The more you maker your home shine, the less location will play a role in the buyer’s decision to place an offer for it. Why not make your front yard look like one of the best on the block? It isn’t as costly as you might think, and it is extremely important that your home stand out. Your front yard will be the first thing prospective buyers see when they drive up, and it will help from the first impressions they have about your property. This sets the tone for their entire visit, so make it a good one.

  • Clear the yard of any debris
  • Plant colorful flowers along the walkway or up close to your front door
  • Touch up the paint around your front door frame and windowsills
  • Present an over-all neat appearance.
  • Ask your real estate professional for their honest opinion: Does your house stack up against the other properties in the neighborhood?

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7 Insider Secrets

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