Top Tech Tips for iPhone 4s

Who isn’t inspired by an Apple TV Commercial with all their high tech capabilities?  I’ve owned their products for 9 years and can’t imagine life without them. With the introduction of Siri, on the iPhone 4s, Apple has changed how we live, work, and play. Several agents in our office are new to Apple and have asked me to help them become familiar with their products. Specifically, the iPhone 4s. Out of 44+ Siri tips and Tricks….here are my top ten.

1.How to make Siri compose and read emails

2. Ask a question. “How many ounces are in a cup?” “How many square feet are in an Acre?”

3. Check your schedule. “What do I have scheduled for Friday?”

4. “Make Phone Call”  This is extremely helpful while driving.

5. “Send text to …….” Then speak your message.

6. “Reply to my new message” for text messages and email.

7. “Correct Siri’s Definition”. If Siri doesn’t know the answer, you can help. This tip will make Siri smarter and thus more effective.

8. “Siri turn off all my alarms” now it’s Siri’s fault you over slept and missed your appointment

9.  Send Tweets and Facebook Status updates

10. How to Add Phonetic Spellings to a Contact. (Siri my not speak Southern)

The step by step guide for these tips can be found on TecHow’s Website. (

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