People Don’t Buy Based on Logic

Why do Real Estate Agents convince themselves, that all consumers buy/sell real estate, based on logic? We tend to focus on a real estate related topic, rather then a personality trait or specific interest. People don’t buy based on logic. They respond to EMOTION.

Disney has a great example of how logic can be your biggest enemy. Several years ago, Disney entered the mobile phone market by creating the ideal phone for kids. It featured GPS Tracking, Disable Text MSGs Remotely, and Parents could limit calling times. What went wrong? No child over 10 wanted a Disney branded phone, they didn’t want parental controls, and Disney’s brand didn’t generate any buzz in the cell phone market.

This was a viable idea, but Disney’s flawed logic lead them to believe they were the right company to bring this product to market. In fact, this flawed logic watered down the Disney Brand. They are known for resorts, theme parks and family movies, not cell phones.

Even high profile companies make mistakes, but unlike small businesses, they can afford too. Greg Herder told me several years ago,  “it’s essential that agents be known for something specific.  If you’re not, you run the risk of not being known at all”.

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