The Paperless Agent, Evernote Part I

The ritual of grabbing a fresh legal pad and recorder before each meeting has been permanently changed, with the introduction of the iPad and the hundreds of thousands of apps available to download. Evernote  is changing how we organize everything! Yes, EVERYTHING!!!

2 Ways To Use Evernote for Real Estate:
1. Showing Buyers Property
  • Take a picture of each property before entering the home
  • Take a picture of the features that appeal to your client
  • Then, ask your client to record their comments about the home
  • When you end your tour, email your client the notebook. Now they have detailed record of their home tour
2. The Listing Appointment
  • Before printing your CMA, Listing Agreement, and other documents, save them as PDF’s and place them in your Evernote Notebook
  • Now you can review these documents on your iPad, and have the Seller sign them at the appointment
  • You can also email/share this notebook with your client, so they can review these documents, prior to the Listing Appointment
  • After all the documents have been signed on your iPad, you can easily send them to your office, while in route to your next appointment
No longer will agents need to visit the office throughout the day to submit time sensitive paperwork, before traveling to their next appointment. The iPad, along with Evernote and many other Apps, have mobilized agents with a simple concept. “Remember Everything, Capture Anything, Access Anywhere, and Find Things Fast.”

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  1. I definitely like Evernote, but I think for real estate transactions, Ez Coordinator is a better solution. It keeps all of your documents organized by transaction, and since it is integrated with DocuSign, you can also use it for electronic signatures.

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