How Do You Hire The Right Real Estate Agent?

Most consumers, general speaking, do business with people they like. If you are new in town, and renting, you’ve probably met more real estate agents then attorneys. So how do you hire the right real estate agent? Should you select the first one that contacted you, the agent with the most experience, the one who is dressed well and drives the most expensive car, or the agent who specializes in servicing a type of property or consumer?

Everybody knows a real estate agent or REALTOR, so if I like everyone, who do I pick to represent me? If you could differentiate the agents from one another by their specialty, your decision would be very easy and logical. For example: I’m interested in buying land to use for recreation. Many agents are licensed in my market, but one agent only represents clients who buy and sell land. He specializes in land and is naturally perceived as an expert because of his focus or niche.
The average agent believes: to capture a large share of the market, I should design my marketing to appeal to everyone. We know that MASS APPEAL = NO APPEAL. As a consumer, your process for hiring an agent should be easy. Select the agent who has a clear advantage over the competition. Select the Specialist!

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