The Market is Up….Should I list my House?

This week several positive Real Estate Reports were released. The Case-Shiller Index reported home prices have risen for  6 consecutive months. On top of this, Interest Rates dropped and our local inventory of homes is low. Several clients have called this week and asked, “Should I put my home on the market now?”

First we must distinguish the difference between Want & Need.

  • If you want to sell your home because you think the local market is improving, then I recommend waiting another 6-12 months and asses the market in the Spring.
  • If you need to sell your home because you’ve outgrown it or it’s more space then you need, I recommend waiting to list it in January. Its only a few weeks and is not worth the stress if you can afford to wait.

The Columbus Market is slowly recovering, but consumers are easily excited by statistics and analytics. When people think analytically, they are less likely to think emotionally. Our emotions heavily influence our decision to buy or sell real estate, but this decision is always prompted  by our assessment of the current market conditions.

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