4 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

The journey to becoming a rockstar real estate agent begins with a strong foundation. In the beginning you may lack clients, a referral network, and experience. Even rockstar agents are constantly building their client base, networks and learning from each experience. A strong foundation will help grow your business and keep it rocking. So how do you build a foundation and maintain a foothold in the real estate industry?

Before we get to actual tips, it’s important to set realistic goals at this phase in your real estate career. Of course, your aim is to become a successful REALTOR, one with plenty of contacts, a pipeline full of leads, and known for keeping your pulse on the market. But first things first – you must build a strong foundation early in your real estate career. This goal should be accomplished in the first 6 months. Here are four tips to get you on your way to real estate success:

  1. Find a Mentor – Research the top real estate companies in the area, like Waddell Realty for West Georgia and East Alabama. In the same vein as building a network, and similar to real estate meetings, meet agents who are working for the top REALTORS in your area and pick their brain for advice. They were once new too, and they can give you tips in all areas, from career to local markets. Understand what you need to do to become a successful real estate agent, and build your network at the same time. Like the homes you’ll help clients buy and sell, your successful real estate career starts with a solid foundation. Of course, you’ll want to meet new clients and get in on markets. But take the beginning part of your career to build and refine these important skills and relationships. Your future real estate rockstar self depends on it.
  1. Research Up and Coming Areas – On the housing side, you must study local prices and especially look for two things: first, find areas where housing prices are improving faster than others – this denotes markets of high demand. Second, look for signs of up and coming areas. Infrastructure is a giveaway, so be on the lookout for areas with new schools, roads, or even shopping centers. Become familiar with these markets before anyone else, and develop an eye for recognizing areas with potential!
  1. Build Your Network – Your network is the most important piece of your foundation. Your network consists of past clients, future clients, friends, and family, among others. You should always be focused on growing your network – this is a career endeavor. But you must start to build it now! A simple way is to find a local real estate club in your area, like the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, and attend meetings. Meetings like this are great for meeting like-minded people.
  1. Develop Your Online Brand: The moment you decide to start a real estate career, your name can become a brand built to attract clients. There are traditional ways to build your real estate brand, but those require years of work to penetrate the market. One of the most effective ways to build your brand in the digital age is to start a blog and create content, like we do at Waddell Realty. Our blog, featuring tips for realtors and property owners, allows us to reach an entire world with our content with practical advice. The contents on your blog will differ, of course. It might be about the ups and downs of being a new real estate agent, or learning a new housing market. Either way, blogging is your introduction to the world, and the world’s introduction to your brand.

Your online brand should reinforce your physical brand. You will be viewed online by prospective clients and when the meet you for the first time, your physical brand must match the online version.

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