How To Get a Real Estate License in GA

The first step in becoming a real estate agent in Georgia is obtaining a sales person license. Each state has their own specific requirements, but some offer reciprocal licenses, depending on which state you obtained your primary license. So if you obtain a sales person license GA, you could qualify for an AL license by completing a 6 hour course and passing the State Portion of the AL real estate exam. Georgia’s licensing requirements are determined by the Georgia Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board.

Getting a real estate license in Georgia requires two steps. Successfully completing 75 hour course and scoring 70 or above on the state exam. It looks simple on paper, but it is actually an intense process filled with hours of training, tests, and fees. So first and foremost, you must truly want to become a real estate agent. And second, you must be over 18. If you meet these two requirements, then continue on!

Next, you must attend a real estate class. There are two types of educations approved by Georgia. You can either receive 75 hours of real estate training (check this list for officially licensed and state approved schools, and most of the courses are online), or you can take six hours of classes at an accredited university course. The most important thing here is to find a reputable school. These courses are meant to build a foundation of real estate knowledge, but do not teach you how to build a successful business. Understanding this puts you one step closer to working for a company like Waddell Realty.

After you complete the requisite hours of training, it’s time to take the sales person exam. The exam is offered several days a week, and all you have to do is find a testing location nearest you. Georgia has created a study guide to help you prepare. It’s important to note here that all applicants are required to have a Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) report. The Georgia exam costs $91.

Congratulations! You studied, you passed your test – now it’s onto buying and selling homes in Columbus, right? Well, not quite. If you pass your test, you can do two things – keep your license inactive, or activate it through a broker. If you choose to activate your license within three months of the exam, you must pay another $170 (the fee doubles if you apply more than three months after).

So now, you’re all done and ready to go…right? Umm, you’re getting closer. Your real estate license is good for four years in Georgia, so yes, you are now free to begin your rockstar real estate career at Waddell Realty. But you’re still not done training. You are required to take a 25 hour post license course during your first year of being a licensed real estate agent. In addition, you are still required to go through 6 hours of training a year each year for the next four years to renew your license. Phew!


The key to receiving, and maintaining a real estate license in Georgia is training. And just because you got your license doesn’t mean you’re free of these responsibilities. Keep that in the back of your mind, and you’re on your way to a successful career in real estate, four years at a time.

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