I Googled My Real Estate Agent

Are clients interviewing you, at your listing appointments? Being a member of the Circle of Excellence or Million Dollar Club will help you get the appointment, but what information will help you become the obvious choice? Make it easy for your clients to differentiate you from the competition by creating a bio that tells your back story and is engaging.

Lets look at Olympic Athlete LaShawn Merritt, who will compete this year for his second Gold Metal.

“I always think of my brother before every race. He never got a chance to see me run track. So here I am going for my second gold metal, being the best in the world and showing my talents and my hard work on a stage where millions will be watching, the pinnacle of track and field. So he’ll definitely be on my mind, definitely running with me in spirit and he’ll definitely be one of my top motivators when it comes to getting there and being confident and going out and getting it done and leaving it all on the track and having no excuses.”

It’s not the skill possessed by these athletes that makes them unique, they have same state of the art equipment or hi-tech aerodynamic jumpsuit. The “stories” differentiate them from one another, and the stories make the event more dramatic and moving.

So what’s your story? Is your bio a time line of your real estate career, in which you promote 25 years of service/experience? Or is it a list of all your 3 letter designations: ABR, GRI, CRS, SRS, PYT? You’ve got to create a back story that tells consumers what inspires you, what fires you up, what you are passionate about, or an adversity you overcame when the odds were stacked against you.

Before a client calls you to schedule an appointment, they have Googled you at least once. Heck, that’s how they probably found your phone number or email address. Have you Googled yourself lately? Would you pick yourself, based on your online persona & bio? These questions should be taken seriously. From Brand Harmony Steve Yastrow says, “consumers are taking ownership of brands and their referral is priceless.”

If you are stuck on describing yourself, hire a freelance writer to help you get started. However, if you really want to wow clients, hire Hobbs Herder. They have been helping real estate agents attract clients, with a personal brochure, for over 25 years.

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