The Unexpected Valentine

Does an Unexpected Valentine get your attention? Will it keep your attention? We use Gimmickry to get attention, but this is not a good strategy for holding someone’s interest.

Do you agree, if your clients listened to you during your presentations,  they would agree with your recommend sales price or only want to view homes they would love living in?

The first problem of communication is getting peoples’ attention. Do you feel sometimes that your clients aren’t listening and you really don’t have their attention? The most basic way to get someone’s attention is this: break a pattern

Would you agree that most agents approach the Listing Presentation the same way? And Would you agree that most agents promote/execute the Open House the same way? 

Surprise gets our attention and Interest keeps it. You need to violate our schema for “listing presentations”, “buyer presentations” and “open houses”. You can accomplish this with the “Gap Theory” of Curiosity. 

The Gap Theory relies on our ability to point out things that people don’t know, but want to know. Battling their overconfidence is tough because people now know ……………. Everything.

  • First, they must realize they need these facts. They want to know the answers. However, one complication is that people tend think they know a lot and we can’t just tell them the facts. They need to feel a gap in their knowledge by getting them to ask themselves What will happen next? Was I right? 
  • What they don’t know is what someone like themselves should do in a situation like this. It’s our job to break through, in an UNEXPECTED WAY, to open a gap in their knowledge and then close that gap.

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