7 INSIDER SECRETS on Showcasing Your Home for a Successful Sale #3

Tip #3: Creating a Clean Slate With Clutter Control

Sometimes, a clean house still doesn’t look clean. Your hame may be spotless, counters clean, corners dust-free, but if you still have clutter, it can still look unkempt to a buyer. Worse yet, you may give the impression that the living quarters are cramped and lack storage space. Remember, the buyer must be able to visualize all of their things fitting into your home.

Here are some things you can do to showcase your home so it looks its very best:

  1. Don’t try to pack too many different pieces of furniture into one room
  2. Wee out all clothing that you’re not wearing on a regular basis, remove it from your closet and pack it away out of sight
  3. Keep all children’s toys organized with a toy box or within cabinets
  4. Refresh what once looked old or run down

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7 Insider Secrets

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