Ryder Cup Coaching

Waddell Realty’s Coaching Program helps agents compete in their own Ryder Cup, year round. This week begins the 39th Ryder Cup, which is being played on U.S. soil at the Medinah Country Club in Illinois. 12 of Europe’s Best Golfers will compete against 12 of The United States’ Best Golfers. Before the 12 representatives are selected, a Captain (Coach) is chosen. Who will lead Europe to another Victory? Who can defend U.S. Soil? Many questions like these have been debated all year and will unfold before the world this week.

The Captain is a Veteran, former Team Member, well respected by the industry and his players, and always a contender in the Majors. He has fought in the trenches, seen opportunity when no one else did, disciplines his disappointments, and his mere presence will rattle the nerves of the inexperienced.

We all need a coach or a captain to keep us focused, motivated, and in check. Someone to remind us to:

  • Not to go for the green in two
  • Take your bogey and move on
  • Put up the driver and hit the 3 wood
  • Keep hitting Fairways and Greens
  • It’s all a game of #s and %s

Most importantly, you can trust your coach or captain, because they’ve been there before. Click here to learn more about Waddell Realty’s Coaching Program and how you can bring home the Cup each month.



How Do You Hire The Right Real Estate Agent?

Most consumers, general speaking, do business with people they like. If you are new in town, and renting, you’ve probably met more real estate agents then attorneys. So how do you hire the right real estate agent? Should you select the first one that contacted you, the agent with the most experience, the one who is dressed well and drives the most expensive car, or the agent who specializes in servicing a type of property or consumer?

Everybody knows a real estate agent or REALTOR, so if I like everyone, who do I pick to represent me? If you could differentiate the agents from one another by their specialty, your decision would be very easy and logical. For example: I’m interested in buying land to use for recreation. Many agents are licensed in my market, but one agent only represents clients who buy and sell land. He specializes in land and is naturally perceived as an expert because of his focus or niche.
The average agent believes: to capture a large share of the market, I should design my marketing to appeal to everyone. We know that MASS APPEAL = NO APPEAL. As a consumer, your process for hiring an agent should be easy. Select the agent who has a clear advantage over the competition. Select the Specialist!

The Paperless Agent, Evernote Part I

The ritual of grabbing a fresh legal pad and recorder before each meeting has been permanently changed, with the introduction of the iPad and the hundreds of thousands of apps available to download. Evernote  is changing how we organize everything! Yes, EVERYTHING!!!

2 Ways To Use Evernote for Real Estate:
1. Showing Buyers Property
  • Take a picture of each property before entering the home
  • Take a picture of the features that appeal to your client
  • Then, ask your client to record their comments about the home
  • When you end your tour, email your client the notebook. Now they have detailed record of their home tour
2. The Listing Appointment
  • Before printing your CMA, Listing Agreement, and other documents, save them as PDF’s and place them in your Evernote Notebook
  • Now you can review these documents on your iPad, and have the Seller sign them at the appointment
  • You can also email/share this notebook with your client, so they can review these documents, prior to the Listing Appointment
  • After all the documents have been signed on your iPad, you can easily send them to your office, while in route to your next appointment
No longer will agents need to visit the office throughout the day to submit time sensitive paperwork, before traveling to their next appointment. The iPad, along with Evernote and many other Apps, have mobilized agents with a simple concept. “Remember Everything, Capture Anything, Access Anywhere, and Find Things Fast.”

Branding Yourself, with Niche Marketing

Who makes more money in the Legal Profession and the Medical Profession? The generalist or the specialist? The answer to both of these questions is of course the Specialists. But why is this? Don’t ask a Real Estate Agent or REALTOR to provide you with an explanation, because the majority of us don’t understand the benefits of establishing a Niche oImager Specialization.

Most agents specialize in generalities and fail to understand that MASS APPEAL = NO APPEAL. Marketing is about attracting clients, while Specialization builds perceived value. Developing or establishing a Niche Market is one of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself as an agent. You wouldn’t schedule an appointment with your Cardiologist if you injured your knee. Yet, the average agent thinks: to capture a large share of the market, I should design my marketing to appeal to everyone. Trying to appeal to everyone is the worst thing you can do, but agents are afraid they will limit their opportunities if they don’t.
Niche Marketing gives consumers a reason to choose YOU! Focus……and you’ll dominate the market and significantly increase your income.

Why aren’t Buyer’s Loyal anymore?

Many of the older generation agents, 55 and above, I speak with all say, “Buyers aren’t loyal anymore”. Well what happened? Did someone start a national campaign against REALTORS that de-values our services to Buyers? No, of course not.
They feel they’ve done all the work. Apps give buyers access to information at any location from multiple devices, and many buyers enjoy driving around past homes they’ve viewed online. NAR statistics show over 85% of buyers begin their search online, drive past the property, then contact an agent to schedule an appointment to view the property. Realtor.com, Truila, and Zillow are widely used and available on all mobile platforms.
Most Buyers don’t understand how we are compensated. As REALTORS, we assume everyone knows the answer to this question. However, uneducated Buyers now prefer to negotiate directly with the Seller’s Agent and expect them to reduce the commission, because only 1 REALTOR  is a party to the transaction. Buyers need full representation, but they need to believe that we add value to the transaction, even though our fees are compensated from the Seller’s proceeds.
Finally, Buyers feel we don’t understand what they are looking for in a home. If you don’t have an open line of communication with your client, then you’ll never have a clear understanding of their wants, needs, and lifestyle. To truly understand your client, you need to know how they fell about moving into a new home, what they will do if they do not find a home in their desired time frame. These and other great questions are found on my Buyer’s Questionnaire.
A great friend of mine, Greg Herder, helped me create a Buyer’s Questionnaire several years ago. I have found over the years, that people who fill out the questionnaire, end up buying homes they love living in. If you helped a Buyer purchase a home that they love living in, what would that do for your business?